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The 8 profiles of the TI sector more demanded by the enterprises

The 8 profiles of the TI sector more demanded by the enterprises

  • September 22, 2020

With the raise in popularity of the teleworking and the online orders, the digital transformation is now more than never at the order of the day. How has your enterprise faced the digital challenges in the management of the people through the last months? In the staff selection the TI profiles has been more demanded and they have became a key element in the teams. But, what are the digital profiles most demanded by the enterprises? Keep reading and you will discover the Top8.


TI profiles selection

The increase of the sales in enterprises of e-commerce, logistics, online games or Marketplace has made that TI profiles are the most demanded by the companies. Although the TI selection was already one of the most important claim of the companies, the current circunstances has made that this profiles are even more required in order to answer the needs of the customers. This are the 8 most demanded in the sector :

  • Mobile and web development. Provide of an updated web page and in which the user can browse with ease is one of the priorities of any enterprise. What are their functions? Most of them work in the development of softwares, overall with languages such as Python and Javascript, but also there are many who develop the design and the interface of the page. The web of a company has converted in something essential for any enterprise and in that, the web and mobile developers are an essential key.
  • TI profiles related with gaming. Has you downloaded any app for playing this last months? Do you know someone who in the first weeks at home has incorporated to their routine some leisure with the mobile? The downloads of games has increased exponentially during the last months and, as a result, the TI profiles related with videogames and online games are more demanded. But, what are the most seeked profiles in this sector? Business Intelligence Developers, who have knowledge of design and systems integrations and databases, Game Data Scientists, who make and specific analysis of the data of the platform, and Game Designers, specialists in the design of the platform to obtain the best experience of the game.
  • Other business who have experimented a huge grown have been the online commercials and this has made that the E-commerce Managers and the Paid Media Managers are the most demanded profiles. What are they differences and what are their duties? The E-commerce Manager is the responsible of the electronic commerce, so he or she develops the strategy of the online sales and controls the process from the beginning to the end. His or her knowledge will be essential for the success of the e-commerce.
    And how can you make known your web to increase sales? Is it there where the Paid Media Manager plays an essential role. It will be the person in charge of plan the publicity in social networks and ads in Adwords to make known the trademark. Youtube, Google, Instagram and Facebook are some of the platforms that the Paid Media Manager knows with detail to reach all the customers. What is the strategy in your enterprise? Are you present in any of this platform and do you invest on publicity?
  • Cibersecurity and systems area responsibles. With the digitalization also are increased the risks of suffering some virtual attacks and the enterprises are really aware of the risk it is supposed. As a result, the profiles related with cybersecurity tasks and responsibles of the systems area, who know with detail the processes of the enterprise, are essential for the digital maintenance.
  • Systems and networks administrators and support and helpdesk technician. Have you needed the the help of the TI workmates for teleworking? The technicians not only have solved issues with clients but also the workers. What can we have done without them? Si it is logic that the demand of this kind of workers has been increased last months.


These are some of the TI profiles most demanded by the enterprises. But, what do they have in common? Beyond the specific knowledge in technology, the enterprises are looking for persons who can adapt and can fit in their staffs, so share their values and the culture of the enterprise will be indispensable for their incorporation will be successful.

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