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7 ways to keep positive thinking

7 ways to keep positive thinking

  • April 15, 2020

“Perpetual optimism is a multiplier of forces”. – Colin Powell


How can we ensure that our state of mind does not depend on external circumstances? Can we change what we think to influence our emotions and alleviate difficult moments? It’s possible! We should only learn to choose those thoughts that make us feel good. These are 7 advice that will help you put it into practice.

Choose your thoughts and become a positive person

  • Do not focus your attention on the problem, orient yourself to look for solutions. How many times have you blocked yourself in a complicated situation? When something worries us, it is very common to continually think about it, but the fundamental thing is to go one step further and look for solutions. Not only will it help us get ahead, but we will grow on a personal level and learn from it.
  • Focus on what you can do and it’s under your control. In any difficult situation there is always something we can do to overcome it, so do not waste your time with superfluous details and think what is in your hands to face it.
  • Reflex from the freedom to choose your answer, considering your principles, wishes and values. Don’t you know what decision to make in an uncertain scenario? Take your time and try to value all options objectively. Your values ​​and principles will always help you make the right decision.
  • Discriminate those thoughts that prevent you from moving forward in the new context. Here is the most complicated point: learn to discard those thoughts that create discomfort. Keep in mind a great certainty: what we think defines our mood, regardless of what happens around us. But, how do we control our thoughts? Avoid going around something that worries you and act as soon as possible to solve it, do not victimize yourself, go ahead and above all try to bring out the positive side of all experiences. If you think negative, frustration and dissatisfaction will increase, so there is no point in focusing on it. Turning the page and facing the situation with a positive attitude is the key to everything.
  • Take the initiative, act. You decide what your mood is, so don’t waste time and invest it in feeling good. To do this you will have to take action and find solutions to what concerns you most, so what are you waiting for?
  • Focus on the present and moderately on the future. Don’t let situations that you haven’t yet experienced or problems that you don’t know if they will happen, upset you. Although you must bear in mind that all our decisions have consequences for our future, live the present with a positive attitude and tomorrow will come.
  • Challenge your own thoughts and become aware of what you can learn. In a difficult situation, thinks that not everything is negative. A complicated moment is always an opportunity to learn and grow as a professional and person. Do not get carried away by fear of change and identify the opportunity that each situation offers you, this way you will face it with more confidence and optimism. Besides, you always have to see everything with perspective and surely you identify good things. Being grateful right now is one of the best practices. Still don’t know the benefits of giving thanks? They are multiple and not only for our environment but also for ourselves.

Optimism is always the best strategy to move forward, so do not waste time and put into practice these advices that will help you to grow as a person and as a professional. Practice positive thinking and enjoy the benefits!.

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