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5 essential qualities in a middle manager

5 essential qualities in a middle manager

  • October 21, 2020

What is the role of middle managers? The intermediate positions are responsible for implementing the company’s strategy and are halfway between the managers and the people who carry out the day-to-day management, so they become a key piece. But what qualities are essential in this figure? Empathy, responsibility, leadership… Read on and discover what is considered fundamental to develop middle management functions.

How do you choose the best person to occupy a middle management position?

Supervising, coordinating and leading the team are his main functions, so often promoting an internal person with leadership skills, who has a good relationship with the team and knows in detail the daily management is usually a good choice. Middle managers are usually 50% managers and 50% leaders, but what are the essential qualities to do a good job?

  • Be an inspiring leader. How can we influence others so that the team follows the same strategy? The middle manager should have leadership skills, be proactive and adapt to any situation. A person who inspires workers, for their values and way of acting with others. And all this from the emotional intelligence and always putting himself in the place of the people who are part of his team. This is the only way to achieve the best results.
  • Have a critical capacity. The performance of this professional is not only to transmit the strategic lines to follow, but he must have analytical capacity to understand the moment that the company is facing and how it can improve its operation. And what is necessary for it? To have initiative. Providing ideas to improve and increase the well-being of the team will help the organization grow.
  • Always think about people’s well-being. Trust is a key element for human relations, but it is something that must be cultivated and that is achieved with the behavior demonstrated on a daily basis. Leadership focused on people and how we can increase their well-being is the key to developing the talent of each employee and enhancing what makes them unique.
  • Have the ability to adapt to any situation. How do you deal with setbacks? What about change management? To be a good middle management you must know how to adapt to any situation and innovate with the solutions that best fit new challenges. The intermediate positions know in detail how the company operates and must know how to identify the best option to solve any incident.
  • Be responsible and have the skills to organize work. How is the organization of tasks in a team? Strategic planning of the operation is essential to obtain good results. That is why the middle manager must be very aware of the company’s strategy, but always adapting it to the day-to-day management.


Leadership, proactivity, versatility… what do you consider essential in the perfect candidate for an intermediate position? These are just some of the qualities a middle manager should have to inspire their team.

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