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4 challenges of the digital transformation in the persons management

4 challenges of the digital transformation in the persons management

  • July 14, 2020

How has your enterprise lived the digital transformation of the human resources in the last months? Videointerviews, tests of the process of online selection and telework has been up to day. But, what is the key of the success of the digitalization? With no doubt, focus on employee experience is important to obtain the best results. Technology and human relations must go together, so don’t miss this advices to handle the 4 challenges that come with the new reality.

The digital transformation in human resources.

If until now the digitalization was essential for the human resources department, this last months it has converted into something even more essential. The day by day has forced us to adapt ourselves to the new technologies and to change our routines for transform them into something more digital. These are the 4 challenges that we have to face the next months.

  • Some persons of your organization are still teleworking? Though the preferent option will be the on-site, some enterprises are offering now the chance of teleworking one day per week, in order to ease the conciliation of the professional and personal life.

But, how to determine which profiles can telework and how many hours or days per week? To ease this kind of choices exists many tools of comprehensive approach to human resources management such as the Blockchain, which allows access to thw whole information of the aspirant and to do an exhaustive tracking of the worker from a same place. This platform even allows to make intelligent contracts that avoid bureaucracy and to ease the sign process.

  • If there is something that has been clear this last months is that the internal communication plays ans essential role in any organization. And what will be the next challenge? Offer a personal treatment to every employee that focus their welfare. Feeling well informated and cared is essential to achieve a good experience and this is the key for strategies in personal management.

What tools can we use to achieve a better communication? Hipchat and Podio are some of them. This applications allow to transfer documents, create chat halls and share screens on videocallings and some other functions.

  • How can achieve be more effectives in the processes and meetings? With the rise of the telework some enterprises have been forced to stablish a maximum duration of the meetings to achieve a higher effectiveness, though if there is something that is essential to achieve higher effectivenes is to foster a compromised leadership, so it will help us to obtain the best version of every person and to generate a higher compromise in the team.

What can help us to make efficient meetings? Platforms such as Microsoft Teams allows videocallings, share files and work in team on an online way, which ease the management day by day.

  • The formation has been so present in the enterprises during the last months, in which many courses and webinars. But, how to create an attractive formative plan? The digital transformation has allowed gamefy some courses for employees, so many formative plans seems like a game. Learn and have fun can go together and for it exists platforms such as Kahoot or Mentimeter which makes the activity more amused.

The changes we have experimented has surged even more the digital transformation of the human resources, so to keep up with it it will be essential to be updated. Is your organization prepared to face the challenges that this digitalization involves?

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