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Every selection process is two-way. Who chooses who?

Every selection process is two-way. Who chooses who?

  • February 27, 2018

Choosing the best company to work for depends on the candidate’s profile. However, it is clear to the most influential international rankings that to be an attractive company, you have to invest in your workers. What are the keys?

What makes a company attractive?

Every recruitment process is two-way and just as good candidates prepare for the job interview, they also do so by investigating the company to see if it is a place where it is worth investing their own professional skills.

The first thing you look for when valuing a company to work for is if it has a clear mission and values. We will also analyse its organisational structure, the customers it works for… Undoubtedly, the prestige that the company, its products or services enjoy on social networks carries great weight.

The second main aspect will be your Human Resources policy: if you use formulas such as flexible hours or remote working, if you work by schedule or by objectives, how much you work in teams, if you invest in training, family reconciliation and diversity management measures, how much you count on your employees to innovate. Also, if it takes care of the worker with initiatives such as luncheon vouchers, nurseries or gyms, health insurance, facilities to access the workplace… And of course, adequate remuneration.

The professional future in that company will be another relevant point: the existence of incentive plans, career development opportunities – also international – and support for personal projection, are keys. It is very attractive for the company to invest in R+D.

A good candidate is probably asking for references from company employees. Having a complete corporate page on LinkedIn, with associated workers, is an excellent way to encourage these initial contacts and to publicize the work climate.

All these aspects are increasingly valued, especially among young people. If you want good candidates, you have to be an attractive company.


The best companies to work for

Internationally, there are several rankings that decide each year, according to certain parameters, which are the best companies to work for. Their criteria are a good indication of what to do to become a company worth being part of.

Greatplacetowork.es invites companies to participate in the annual awards for the best place to work, as follows: “Getting certified with Great Place To Work® is the easiest and most accessible way to quantify your corporate culture, compare yourself with the most successful companies and grow your business”.  It offers on its website a Certification Guide to download, which guides any company in what is expected of it every year. In its ranking, the opinion of the employees of each valued company is very important, along with its people management policy.

The Corporate Reputation Business Monitor is another of the world’s reference rankings. It is based on a multi-stakeholder methodology consisting of five assessments and twelve sources of information.

Through assessments of senior management, business experts, financial analysts, journalists, etc., and other people related to the company such as university students, employees, HR managers…, plus a benchmarking of 200 management indicators, it evaluates the quality of work in companies.

Top Employers Institute recognizes excellence in the conditions employers create for workers. It offers deep analysis to assess trends and data in Human Resources. For their rankings they audit good practices in people management such as the strategy in recruitment/retention of talent, training and leadership plans, career management, etc.

Universum offers a combination of rankings + analytics + academy to build and improve brand strategy with employees. Universum Most Attractive Employers Spain, one of its rankings, analyzes the preferences of university students to work: what they value, their favourite companies, what they think of diverse companies, etc.

While the Fortune 100 list of the best companies to work for, it has awarded Google 8 times in 11 years.

In all these rankings, in general, it can be appreciated that the willingness to change and innovate are primary to be an attractive company. Combined with flexible working hours, measures for reconciling work and family life, the ability to develop personally and remuneration in accordance with the market

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